“Contact” is a term used to indicate initial encounters of Aboriginal peoples with non-Aboriginals and others, and carries a special charge in accounts of Aboriginal history. But for most Canadians, Contact remains an abstract “historical” event that has (d)evolved over centuries into a continuous state of “No Further Contact.”

Contact No Contact is a gathering of personal contact narratives created by writers and storytellers. We have collected stories—short narratives in writing and on video—on the subject of contact: how contact appears in our lives and our memories and how we encounter our own culture as well as the culture of others.

The project is supervised by Randy Fred in Nanaimo and coordinated by the Geist Foundation in Vancouver. Randy Fred is the founder of Theytus Books, the first First Nations book publisher in Canada, and the Geist Foundation is the publisher of Geist, a leading cultural magazine.

Contact No Contact narratives are available on the Contact No Contact website, and in Geist magazine. All of the Contact No Contact materials are available to schools, Aboriginal friendship centres, writing circles and programs, First Nations studies programs and similar institutions across the country.

Contact No Contact is designed to welcome Canadians into a conversation that they might otherwise feel excluded from, by considering “how Contact started” (or failed to start) in their own lives, and then how it went on from there—that is, how did “Further Contact” emerge or fail to emerge in their lives?

We acknowledge with thanks the assistance from Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program.

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.
Ce projet est l’un des 200 projets exceptionnels soutenus par le programme Nouveau chapitre du Conseil des arts du Canada. Avec cet investissement 35 M$, le Conseil des arts appuie la création et le partage des arts au cœur de nos vies et dans l’ensemble du Canada.