Do you have a Contact story?

If you have a contact story to share, you can submit your story in writing or on video (recording on smartphones okay).

Please limit written accounts to 200 words in a Word Document.
Include a photograph if you like, or suitable image to accompany your story.

Please limit video accounts to two minutes (mp4 format, landscape orientation perferred).

If recording outdoors, please compensate for background noise with a lapel microphone or by positioning yourself out of the breeze.
Please test before recording.

Include a brief note on yourself, where you live, age, background, community, etc, and on your subject as well, if suitable.

Submit your files as attachments in an email addressed to:

Contact No Contact is designed to welcome Canadians into a conversation that they might otherwise feel excluded from, by considering “how Contact started” (or failed to start) in their own lives, and then how it went on from there—that is, how did “Further Contact” emerge or fail to emerge in their lives?

People across Canada are asked this simple question: Can you tell us a Contact story?