A Lot Like Me

My very first contact with First Nations people was when I was probably about 13 years old, in the city of Toronto. And I was really surprised, because y’know, you never ever saw any First Nations people in the city of Toronto. I’m sure that there was more than the couple that I saw. And it was a man and a woman. They didn’t look like First Nations people, or “Indians” as they were called, because my image of First Nations and “Indian” people were movies and drawings and comic books and things. So these people were wearing clothes like I was wearing, y’know, that was–they look a lot like me. And so that was an interesting thing, and I remember it led to a bit of discussion when I got home. And the reaction I got, “Well, you’re stupid! What did you think?” They said, your ancestors, y’know, were African, but you don’t see us running around in the kind of clothes they wore in Africa in the past. We’ve modernized. Anyhow, that was my very first, first knowledge.