All Calm

I would say in many senses going to Haida Gwaii changed my life, because of the path I started on and where I am today. Going to Haida Gwaii we actually went to what was known as Anthony Island, also known as Ninstints, and I’m not quite sure what the name is now. I went there before it was a UNESCO Heritage Site, and I went in on a boat. I was with a group of people on a river boat so it was bang, you know, like the boat was bouncing on the water and we actually were bailing water because it was so rough. We hit that part where you just go into the cove and then it is just all calm. We actually went on site. One other thing I’ve said in talking about this memory is I’m not a religious person, but when I went there, I felt the spirits. And walking in the village site and moving through the forest, I really felt something strongly there. So maybe the ancestors were calling out to me, touching me, in that particular sense. That’s a very strong memory. At that point in time I was in an archaeology program, and it’s because of that experience I’m an anthropologist because I realized it wasn’t just about archaeology, I needed to know more about culture.