Experience with Culture

At residential school we had a cavanagh that was English, or Irish, and Italian teachers and Mexican teachers, and then from there I went to school in Victoria. I boarded on with this Yugoslavian lady. So I have lots of experience with culture, cultural shock. And so then I ended up staying with a family, two families in Brentwood Bay, Coast Salish, so growing up I had a lot of experience with different cultures, and going back to the high school we had exposure to the Coast Salish culture. And then I stayed at a group home for two years and I was introduced to another culture, family mixed marriage, which was lots of encouragement to get the culture back when I was in Saanich. But after that, now I look back, the first 19 years of my life has been 58 months with my parents. And it was really hard getting to know my mom and dad after I was finished. And getting back into looking after them, and being scared to ask questions because of the cultural changes in my life. Trying to pick up our culture again, after, and learning my roles in the community. I had to get it from my uncles.