Friendly Cove

So I’ve always had a dream to go to Nootka Sound and go to Friendly Cove where Captain Cook first contacted North American First Nations people here on the British Columbia coast. So I did that a few years ago. Got on the Uchuck out of Gold River, sailed out to Friendly Cove and in the middle of it was a Catholic Church. And I just remember being struck by that particular structure still being part of a tour that was operated by the First Nations community who lived there on that island. And it struck me because of that experience I had earlier in my life with kids who came to Alberni and lived in the Alberni Residential School and then came from Kitimat and northern Vancouver Island and Bella Coola and Bella Bella, and it just struck me odd that should still today be a part of the tour because of the pain associated with the schools that were run by the different religions. So that people have reconciled that, or are still able to be okay with that being there in their community, struck me as an important factor about human behaviour that we don’t have to hate forever, we can let go and move on I suppose. But that was an element that really struck me when I was there that day.