Learning To Be Together

My contact story is I’ve been really intrigued by the effort at Vancouver Island University to bring Indigenous study into the heart of the university. I didn’t really have much contact with that process until I took a “Learning To Be Together” seminar. It was led by two Indigenous instructors, Lily Morten and John Swift. It was transformative for me in a number of different ways: first, it opened up my eyes to a different way of being and knowing in the world, a way of being and knowing that respects place, that respects life forms around us, that focuses on sustainability and on respect between people, some people going forward together with respect. It transformed my understanding of what a university could do and could be. It transformed my understanding of who I was as a teacher. I began to see that there were different ways of approaching students, of being with students that involved a different kind of a world vision, a way of being in the world and a way of showing honour and respect between peoples.