Moving Down That Path

I think the story that I’m going to talk about today is a story that led me down my path of reconciliation. I was invited up to VIU (Vancouver Island University) to listen to reconciliation stories, and during that event I heard three people talk about their experiences with residential schools. That really changed, changed me, changed the way I thought about things. And it really opened me up to moving forward with reconciliation. One of the gentlemen who was there, an elder, Randy Fred, asked for volunteers to help him do a reconciliation event. But he was looking for somebody that could use computers. Well, I wasn’t very good at it but I thought, I’ll step up here. He soon found another job for me, which was great. But then we worked on two reconciliation events that, again, every time I heard somebody talk I learned more; I kept moving down that path. And from there I’ve moved along to helping wherever I can to move that forward in my community. I’ve helped in workshops and other ways. And it’s been a very rewarding experience for me to walk that road. Now I’m working on moving my community down that same road with me and I think that’s going to be a very rewarding experience.