In the next month or two, our family is going to be doing a naming. There are seven grandkids that will be doing a Coast Salish naming and be receiving our traditional names from our family. What’s really neat about that is learning about who our ancestors are, even more in depth, and how amazing it is that we have that sacred knowledge around who those people are, and how our lineage works, and the gift that comes with that name, and the honour that comes with that name. Like what I had said about being raised by my mom and my mom getting a lot of her teachings from her mom. It’s always been very matriarchal in our family, and how families are run. What I’m learning now, as this naming is coming up, is that that’s been part of our family for years and years, generations and generations. It’s really neat to learn about who those people are and to know that we’ll be carrying those names, so part of the preparation is really sacred and spiritual. It’s about connecting with ancestors from generations and generations ago, learning who they were and what their qualities were, and then by the name we’re carrying, what qualities we will be honouring in our ancestors but also carrying ourselves now.