Namwayut, We Are All One

You know there are no words even beyond memorable for this person that I love so much. It was my paternal grandmother, her name was, Thunder Bird Lady. She used to say to me and my other cousins of course, “I am nothing my precious one.” There will be long silence and I wonder what “what are you talking about” and she said, “If you weren’t here.” So that’s really guided my work for a really long time now. I know that I am better with others in my life and not being isolated or marginalized. And the mantra at reconciliation Canada is “Namwayut” that’s Kwakwaka’wakw word for “We are all one.” “Namwayut.” And so we embraced as strongly as we can and fiercely as we can and everybody that hears that really embraces that idea. Like on the walk, we have everyone shouting “Namwayut” thousands and thousands and thousands of people shouting together “Namwayut” and it was so exhilarating. I could feel and sense that those people at that moment at least were sensing this common humanity that we call common humanity that’s “Namwayut” recognizing we are all people and we need each other to resolve some of these really difficult issues.