Our Thing

Until the day we both moved to Canada my daughter speak mother language Mandarin, second language English, and the last few days I try to start to talk the Shanghai language with my daughter. She’s excited to know it. It’s like we are so close, we keep some secrets between us, only know each other with mother and me. So we are so happy that we talk some unique language. We feel a little bit different and exciting, nobody understand us, around us, we keep our thing. So, because I start talk with this language with confidence after thirty years old, I won’t be my mother. I decided my daughter, now that she is ten years old, I will really use this Shanghai language indoors at home and let my daughter become confident using her third language, her Shanghai language. It’s why I’m happy to hear to talk about Native things, and I so hope from my heart for all the triumphs of your Native person, that you can keep the language, keep the language that feels so close to your family, the language that is the base of the culture, plus your festivals, plus your clothes, plus everything of your customs. I am so happy to know one day you’ll keep your own language and make all the world so colourful–not only one language, one colour, from my heart.