Our Treaty And Our Wishes

We’ve got so many stories that I can go for at least hours and hours some days. Just a couple of things we had in our treaties is one of the whaling rights, we had given up, right around 275,000 acres of land, specifically for whaling, sealing, hunting, fishing, and gathering of shellfish. We were the only ones in the US that have a treaty that says so, and possibly even in the world. I’m not sure how exactly many countries have a treaty that give them a right to go whaling. But our treaty was very specific in what we wanted. We were some of the last ones to sign our treaty, so we were kind of fortunate to see what the other tribes across the US had done or hadn’t done. But also, some of the other things that were included in our treaties were, we never really knew what black people were, so in our treaty we never allowed. They had in our treaty not to allow black people in our reservations at all. So even the US Air Force, when they were stationed there, I think they started back in the 1950s or so. The US Air Force opened up an air station up there, and they had to send people away from the Neah Bay Air Force station just because they were black. Because they wanted to abide by our treaty and our wishes.