I decided to think about when I was in elementary school in Port Alberni. I was at Alberni Elementary and my first contact with First Nations was with kids in the school there. The reason I thought of bringing it up was because in that time I had no concept of really anything to do with First Nations issues. They were just kids on the playground with me. We just played and we were in that space. And then now, a year, about a year ago, I met a person in Port Alberni who I hadn’t seen literally since elementary school, and we were there in Port Alberni for a reconciliation walk. And we used that time to catch up on, you know, all the intervening years. And everything that happened since then, and it’s a completely different time now both personally for me and then just in the world, it’s a completely different time. That’s how I was thinking about it, you know, my introduction was through childhood and playing with friends at school. And now, seeing those friends as adults… My friend who was there, now he’s a schoolteacher in Port Alberni and I’m here at the Vancouver Island University as a technician and a teacher in a classroom. So similar trajectories. I guess that’s kind of my story.