Reef Whale

I went on a 30- to 45-minute boat ride to Ahousaht, in Tofino, with my brother, my auntie and a whole bunch of other people to meet my family for the first time. It was fun because there was a parade, and my brother came with me, and in the parade there was a fire truck, and some of the kids wanted to go on the fire truck. So we rode around on it. We got freezies, we got headbands and we got these paddles, made out of cedar. One of the Ahousaht families made them for us. And on our way back from Ahousaht we saw four grey whales, four humpback whales and one “reef whale.” My brother said, “Hey, look!” to the boat driver. And the boat driver was like, “That’s a reef.” I was like, “A reef whale!” And he said, “No, a rock.” And I got so embarrassed and everybody laughed at me. But overall it was really fun.