• Bus Stop

    I was having a smoke waiting for my bus and a man in his late forties asked me for a cigarette. He told me his name is Craig, he had just got out of jail and he is a redneck. He pulled out a silver Zippo and showed me the engravings, “white pride.” Craig said, “I would have never come up and asked for a smoke from an Asian” and gestured at me. He told me he doesn’t believe in interracial mingling and found Asian people standoffish and unapproachable. He said, “The only reason I stopped to ask you for a smoke is because earlier today I was chatting with my buddy and his friend, Tan, Tuan or something. He is Vietnamese and he took me to his brother’s restaurant and gave me two free spring rolls! And I thought, hey why not ask you for a smoke.” My bus pulled up and as I walked towards my bus Craig yelled, “I’ll never forget today!”