• Our Thing

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    Till today we both moved to Canada my daughter speak mother language Mandarin, second language English, and last few days I try start to talk with my daughter Shanghai language. She’s excited to know it. Continue reading “Our Thing”

  • Keeping Language

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    I got married when I was eighteen and me and my husband had four girls. But my husband went to residential school. So there was two people with two different lifestyles. The way he wanted to bring my girls up and the way I wanted to bring my girls up, it was a struggle because in school our language was beaten out of him. But for some reason my husband kept his language. And I said “how did you do that” Continue reading “Keeping Language”

  • Crown Land

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    When I was very little we lived in between two reserves, Kulleet Bay and Shell Beach. And the reason we lived in between two reserves, and it was a reserve at one time where we lived, was because my grandmother was married to the son of Prime Minister John Abbott and he gave them that land as Crown land to live on. However, when I was growing up, I always disputed it and said that’s not so, but with the treaty, I found out that was really so. I always felt it was always our land, and I guess it was always our land, but it also belonged to everyone else as well and the people that surrounded us.

  • All Calm

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    And we hit that part where you just go into the cove and then it was just all calm. Continue reading “All Calm”

  • Learning To Be Together

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    So it transformed my understanding of what a university could do and could be. It transformed my understanding of who I was as a teacher. I began to see that there were different ways of approaching students, of being with students that involved a different kind of a world vision, a way of being in the world and a way of showing honour and respect between peoples. Continue reading “Learning To Be Together”

  • Medicine

    I was out in the woods with my friend, Ed (he’s Tsleil-Waututh). He cut a piece of bark off a tree and told me to chew it. He had long hair that mostly hid his face, but behind his hair I could see that he was trying to suppress a smile. When I refused to eat the bark, he started laughing and said “Good. Because we call that plant Indian Ex-Lax.”